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Liz Kennedy

“Liz’s smoky voice reminds us of hot sultry nights, a New Orleans bar at 3am, quietly reflecting life. Her piano driven songs are classic and enduring, packed with meaning. Poignant and reflective…”
— Cindy Badell-Slaughter, Heavy Hitters Music Group

**Liz Kennedy has recorded 3 previous albums with us and is currently recording her 4th album at Studio D.**

Singer songwriter Liz Kennedy joined with award-winning producer and engineer Joel Jaffe in recording her debut album “Clean White Shirt”, followed by 2 more cds, “Nothing Like An Angel” and “A Good Peach”. Kennedy cites as her influences Bonnie Raitt, Paul Simon, Randy Newman and Carole King. Her albums reflect elements and influences of folk, jazz and blues. Her clean, straightforward and basic approach is like a “Clean White Shirt,” which goes with just about anything. “Clean White Shirt” is symbolic of all that is fresh and clean. One listen proves that Liz Kennedy wears it well. Jaffe offers that Kennedy is “one of the greatest lyricists and has musicality that you seldom find. Her lyrical content locks you up in its web. I have never heard anybody whose lyrics grab me like hers.”

Surrounded by first class studio musicians, a few of which include Eamon Flynn (The Commitments, Elvin Bishop), Jamie Brewer (Whisperers, Michelle Shocked), Billy Johnson (Santana, Maze), Don Bassey, Jim Pugh (Chris Isaac, Robert Cray), Jim Rothermel (Boz Skaggs, Van Morrison, John Prine), George Brooks, Mike Rinta and others. Kennedy tantalizingly flaunts her skills as a crafter of songs, while her delivery is flawless. Kennedy explains, “I really like the mix of electric and acoustic music on the albums.” It is solely Kennedy who plays acoustic piano on the first album. Unlike many songwriters, Kennedy’s approach is to write her music first, which then inspires her deeply felt, highly reflective lyrics. Great background vocals add to many of the tracks, Jeannie Tracy, Keta Bill, Sakai, Omega Rae, Claythoven Richardson and Larry Batiste.


February 09 – While finishing the third album for Liz Kennedy (produced by Joel Jaffe, assisted by Matt Wilenchik) artist Liz Kennedy and video editor Dom Izzi put together a video for the song “The Wave”.

The Wave

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