The Pete Contino Band Sessions

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The Pete Contino Band with Omega Rae, Suzan Z, and Studio D Staff

Hey everyone! We just finished a great album with the Pete Contino Band from Las Vegas; a Cajun Zydeco Blues band. PETE CONTINO, the lead singer and accordion player, is the son of Dick Contino, the famous accordion player. The band also features AL EK (guitars/harmonicas/vocals), ROB EDWARDS (upright bass),  JIM LOVGREN  (drums), BILLY TRUITT (keyboards).

The album was produced, mixed and engineered by Joel Jaffe with assistant engineers Jason Victorine and Dwight Roberts. We had a really a great time hanging out with the band for 10 days and we look forward to hearing more wonderful things about upcoming tours and more.

Check ’em out at

Pete Contino Band at Studio D with Maria Muldaur

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