Studio D is a fully equipped recording facility complete with a wide selection of vintage tube and modern microphones to achieve any sound you are looking for. Our large ambient live room with 20 foot ceiling, tunable acoustics, and 3 large iso booths was meticulously designed and constructed in 1983 & further renovated to record anything from a small group to a 45-piece orchestra. Studio D offers Pro Tools HD 3, 128 tracks, 32 channels of high definition digital recording or straight into our highly sought after Studer A 800 MKII-2″ 24 track tape machine. The down home comfort and friendly competent staff provides the Bay Area with the ultimate recording experience!


Here at Studio D, we understand that a great mix can truly transform a song and take it to the next level.  It all starts with a great recording and performance, but a creative, finely tuned mix can breath new life into a track and really make it come alive! Studio D has offered professional mixing services since 1984.  We currently offer stereo, and surround sound mixing with DTS encoding. Our control room, which is 20×20 feet with a compression ceiling, is finely tuned for accurate listening.  We have custom Westlake 2 way TAD components, Yamaha NS10 M’s, and a JBL LSR28P surround speaker system for monitoring your mix.  Our great selection of vintage analog gear & high-end plug-ins will give you the warmth of analog and pristine clarity of digital to achieve your sonic vision.


Studio D’s advanced techniques and years of experience provide our clients with only the highest quality of mastering. Whether it be rock, jazz, dialogue, or anything in between – Studio D can help you get the polished radio-ready sound you are looking for; and in the format of your choice.  Call today to talk about your latest project and hear for yourself the difference that a good mastering engineer can make.

Original Music Composition

Here at Studio D, we believe that the right piece of music, tailored to fit a companie’s creative vision can make all the difference.  Studio D can create custom music and our engineers have composed and recorded original music and sound design for TV, commercials and films.  Some of our clients include ABC, CBS, Golden State Warriors (NBA), Bravo, E! Networks, Signature Tracks, and more.


Studio D also provides voice-over services for commercials, radio shows, podcasts, Public Service Announcements (PSA’s), and more.  We are always eager to work on fun and interesting projects and help with your post-production needs; give us a call today!