Dwight Roberts

Assistant Engineer ~

Dwight has been enamored with the music business since he was a kid. He began his musical career banging on boxes while howling the words to his favorite songs. The subsequent groundings helped develop his interest in writing Blues tunes. Thus, his long love of the song and the recording process has been a natural progression.  Dwight is the newest team member at Studio D Recording. As a fellow musician, singer and songwriter, Dwight is attentive to musical artists’ comfort, budget and outcome of every session.  Dwight’s audio & retail background will quickly help you to achieve the right tone, tune, and take.

Contact dwight@studiodrecording.com or call to discuss your next recording session, V/O, sound design project, or live recording.

– Alumnus of SFSU Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts
– Works closely with Alice @ 97.3 FM in Sales and Promo.
– Former guitar instructor at Blue Bear Music SF
– Internet Radio Developer at SF Parks and Rec Cultural Division
– Currently using A Broun Soun Tone Tubby’s in studio and live rig
– Vintage Guitar and Amp junkie
– AES Member