Studio D Recording Inc.  Owners

Jeff Shea – CEO

www.JeffShea.Com – World traveler, photographer, songwriter  and philosopher. Jeff is also CEO of ATS Products Inc.

Joel Jaffe – President

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Joel Jaffe is an award winning engineer producer, composer, and studio owner. He is always available to discuss clients needs. He has worked on a number of GRAMMY albums and has been instrumental in developing new talent in the bay area for over thirty years.  He has been a member of NARAS,”The Grammy Organization”  for the last twenty years, 12 years as a board member, as well as an A.E.S. member. Joel has been very involved in devoting time to the audio community with an internship program at the studio, that has benefitted students from all over the world.

Dan Godfrey – Vice President

Founding member, Vice-president and board member. Dan always takes pride in making sure clients are well treated and comfortable. Call anytime to book studio time with or send us an e-mail to discuss schedules, prices and accommodations.

Roger Hatchett

Investor & Employee of Charles Schwab & Co. for seventeen years; seven as a Broker in Marin County. Roger spends much of his time searching for new talent to bring to Studio D, as well writing his own music with fellow musicians.